Welcome to the OVDCA

Our first two events of 2015 have both been rained out. Please check back here very soon for the make-up date schedule.

Attention all OVDCA drivers - all cars will be required to use a roof-mounted Lexan wing for 2015. Full details to this rule addendum can be found here.

The 2015 season marks the 23nd year of Classic Modified Dwarf Car racing in the Ohio area. Once again, the association has partnered with Shadybowl Speedway in DeGraff, Ohio to offer a full schedule of pavement races throughout the summer.

Wonder just what a dwarf car is? Classic Modified Dwarf Cars are 5/8 scale replicas of vintage coupes and sedans such as the '32 Ford coupe, the '34 Vicky, the '37 Chevy and the '40 Ford Sedan. The cars must weigh at least 1240 pounds with driver. The cars are constructed from steel, with a 1X2-inch rectangular tube frame rail, and a full roll cage of round mild steel tubing. Body panels are made of sheet metal or aluminum, and feature all of the same safety features of full-sized race cars. Dwarf cars use motorcycle engines as their powerplant, and they are exceptionally fast and fun to watch and drive.

Shadybowl Dwarf Car Racing Videos